Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Highlights

I have missed my school counseling community and have been trying to keep up! I have to say there are some awesome SCs out there with great ideas on twitter, facebook and Pinterest. 

However, I am at the end of my PhD and have days before I turn in my completed draft. I am also transitioning out of my position as SCA president and into the October conference chair position.

Lastly, even though you have the summers off, this is my BUSIEST time of year because we hold all of our in-house professional development AND I have a doctorate student intern working with me in central office. BUSY! BUSY! BUSY!

However, I have lots to talk about...

Starting with ASCA. It was AWESOME. I got to meet a lot of twitter peeps! All of the keynote speakers were great and I loved hanging with the delegates from the different states. I cannot wait until Arizona. Be sure to check out the VSCA Facebook page for our pictures.

BTW - had the opportunity to sit in on a couple of interviews for school based positions a few weeks ago. So I have some tips on what not to do...however, I need to make these edits to my dissertation first...so stay tuned! I am working on continuing to be extraordinary! 

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Career Lessons with Pretend Professionals

Some of the best career lessons for grades K and 1 have been with the pretend professionals figurines. I have seen school counselors sit in circle and pass the figuines around while the children discuss them. 

I have seen SCs give clues or ask questions about the careers..."Do they work inside or out? During the day or during the night? What is that he is holding? I have seen the figurines accompany a story on careers, a worksheet, drawing assignments of what the children wish to be when they grow-up. 

Now the figurines show people with disabilties. What a great way to explain and show diversity and talk about how people with disabilties still can work. The amount of things you can do with the pretend professionals are endless! 


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Teacher Tool Kit Site

A colleague of mine was showing me an activity that she uses with her teachers for AVID students. I happened to look at the bottom of the page, because it was a great activity and it said "theteachertoolkit.com". I had never been there before, so I decided to check it out and sign up for my free account. I am glad I did!

The Teacher Toolkit is a useful resource for making instruction more engaging and active for your students and if you have an idea for a teaching tool that you would like to see added to our site, they’d love to hear from you.

This is a great site if you are in a school where you really have to mirror educational practices and assessments.

Check out their categories below!

Tool Categories:

View All Tools


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Practical Ed Tech

I am not sure how I stumbled across this site, but I love Richard and all his tech tips. He makes it so easy to follow and has some great resources. He offers trainings, tech camps and you can even sign-up for his weekly newsletter! I personally love that because you never know what neat thing will be inside. He offers resources on the following topics: Blogging, Google Apps, Google Drive, Tip of the week. Alot of his tips can easily be incorporated into classroom guidance lessons. Especially his Padlet tip...LOVE IT!!!!! 

Also check out his blog Free Tech 4 Teachers

His site is sure to make you extraordinary!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Self-Injury and Self-Harm Resources

Self-harm and cutting has become such a HUGE issue, that my office will be providing PD to our school personnel next year. Ten of us will take a certification test and then teach others how to recognize and understand students who self-harm. Below is a list of resources that we will provide to them...and you get them free! The first link is a great webinar geared towards parents, but it really can assist anyone who is unfamiliar with the psychological underpinnings of self-injury.

I hope you learn from these resources for so many of our youth are hurting.

Free Webinar

Help Guide

Self Injury

On-line Support (Please use this site with caution)

Healthy Place

Self-Injury Help

Kahn Institute


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best in School Cousneling


The Extraordinary School Counselor was selected as one of the Best in School Counseling by Mastersincounseling.org. I am so excited, as this is a repeat honor! Follow me on twitter and Bloglovin'. See all their favorites at HERE

Do You Know About Street Drugs?

About ten years ago, I attended a workshop about the latest street drugs. I was fascinated! There are so many things out there that our students are doing...and using...and taking, as it relates to illegal and illicit substances. Today, drugs are being introduced earlier and earlier and to younger and younger children. The information changes so quickly that any book you have can be instantly outdated in a few months. So I turn to this great website to get the latest information. Being informed allows me to fully present when I walk the halls, over hear conversations and observe groups of students. While the behavior they display may not always be drug related, I now know what to look for.

Hope you learn something new!