Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just A Little Story on Advocacy

I am ashamed to admit this...but my school division just officially changed the name of guidance counselor to school counselor per the school board's approval; and I must say, it was an easy battle! The school counselors in my division kept asking me when was the school division going to change our name? Earlier, I had emailed them all an article that I used as a way to teach them how to advocate for themselves. I had shown them the NACAC article written by Bob Bardwell. Well, out of all the levels, the elementary counselors were charged! They made copies! They forwarded the email to their principals and teachers! They were on fire!

I on the other hand, was hesitant because I was afraid to hear the bureaucratic "NO". However, I finally swallowed my pride, like any leader would do for the greater good, grabbed my ammo and approached my director. My ammo? It was simple. Our state license says school counselor right on it! DUH! So if the state in some way, shape or form had recognized us as school counselors, then the division had no argument but to call us school counselors!

So, I say all this to say...look at your documents. Revisit your policies. Advocate for yourself.


  1. Thanks Tracy. Glad it was helpful. Here's to having it be as easy in my district.