Thursday, July 19, 2012

National Certified School Counselor v. National Board Certified Teacher

I hate to say it, but I cringe every time our profession loses another school counselor to the NBCT process. Not to begrudge anyone from the accomplishment and hard work that the process entails. I congratulate all who are bestowed that honor. I cringe because I believe school divisions use this test to be divisive. I believe it is done to reinforce how disposable some view our profession to be. Most school districts attach a pay incentive for teachers who pass these series of tests. However, I am unaware of any school divisions that offer an incentive for NCSC. If your division is one, please let me know! The NBCT organization even states that one cannot roll over the NCSC certification for partial completion. Are they alluding that the NCSC exam is not as rigorous? BOO! What it comes down to colleagues, is professional identity! Why are we not honoring and supporting the profession we advocate so hard to keep? There is a certification FUBU (for us, by steal the name of 90's iconic urban wear). So I urge you, school counselors, be a counselor who teaches. Don't let your school division define you as a teacher who counsels.

NBCC v. NBPTS Certification Chart

Click for more information on the National Certified School Counselor exam and see Dr. Rita Schellenberg's study guide.


  1. I wholeheartedly disagree. The NBPTS process for school counselors is more rigorous and more relevant. It is based on a ideal standards instead of minimal knowledge such as the NCSC exam measures. The NBPTS portfolio process is based on the ASCA national model and is a big leap towards doing the work that is required for being recognized as a model school counseling program (RAMP).

    1. RS, thank you so much for alerting me to the correlation between the NBPTS process and RAMP.

    2. Also see for a comparison.

  2. Thanks RS! I have seen this before and neglected to post.

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