Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Singing Bowls

A part of my job that I absolutely love, is being able to observe the school counselors provide classroom lessons to students. I never get tired of watching the children become engaged in  activities that are part of the school counseling core curriculum. A few years ago, one of the elementary school counselors in my division started his lesson in a very unique way...he rang a Tibetan singing bowl. It immediately caught the attention of the children, as well as mine. As he rang the bell, the children knew that it was time to transition from their everyday subject matter to Mr. SC's thirty minutes in the classroom. The children quickly stopped what they were doing, put their things away and ceased conversations. When Mr. SC's time was up...he rang the bowl again, so the children could transition back to reading, writing and 'rithmetic. What a wonderful way to capture an example of classroom management, diversity and openness to cultures.

An Example of Bowls

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