Friday, August 31, 2012

Reach Out

I received some literature and stickers from ReachOut a few years ago. They have a great website full of helpful information. ReachOut is an information and support service using evidence based principles and technology to help teens and young adults facing tough times and struggling with mental health issues. All content is written by teens and young adults, for teens and young adults, to meet them where they are, and help them recognize their own strengths and use those strengths to overcome their difficulties and/or seek help if necessary - taken from website.

Reach Out

School Connectedness

The Department of Health and Human Services in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have several free publications regarding school connectedness and how stakeholders can "work together to create and environment that facilitates healthy development of students and adolescents".


School Connectedness

Teens Health

Teens health is a great site that has loads of information on mental, social and physical health for teenagers. It's easy to read and age appropriate. It has great resources that tell the truth when it comes to those sexual urban myths and answers questions that sometimes teens do not want to engage in with adults.


Teens Health

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)

This past summer I attended a MCEC training about resilency in children. It was one of the best trainings I have been to. I also received $50 worth of free resources! If you are a school counselor in a heavy military area, I encourage you to take advantage of all of the free services MCEC provides.

MCEC Vision:

To serve as a model of positive leadership and advocacy for ensuring inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military children.

MCEC Mission:

To ensure inclusive, quality educational experiences for all military children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.

MCEC Goals:

The Military Child Education Coalition will:
1.    Provide responsive and relevant support systems, resources, and products.

2.    Expand the MCEC’s outreach through engagement, advocacy, and partnerships.

3.    Execute a strategic communications plan.

4.    Build a strong, sustainable, and financially sound organization.


Youtube Video

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

College Board's Big Future Counselor Resources

BigFuture™ (,  is the College Board’s free college planning website. I visited the site this summer and loved it! It is full of great resources and tools to assist students with their college exploration and planning.


Big Future

The School Counselor's Guide by Mark Nelson

Have you been looking for ready-to-go lessons for any level? If so, The School Counselor's Guide by Mark Nelson has just what you need! These lessons are set up by academic, career and personal/social domains and are aligned with the ASCA National Standards. Mark will even come to your school division and provide training on how to use and implement the lessons. Extraordinary!


Guide Curriculum

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Counselor's Room

I forgot how I stumbled across this website, but I did and it is filled with resources for school counselors. Also, for a fee they provide need assessment surveys. I did find those to be very helpful. Use it on your journey to being extraordinary!

Counselor‘s Room was founded in the spring of 2009 to help busy counselors like yourself find FREE life skill lesson plans and group activity ideas for school age children that are both LIVELY and FUN!.    We deliberately chose lesson plans that engage students with games and hands-on activities.   Liven up your worksheets with some of the wonderfully creative games and art projects suggested here - Taken from website

Counselor's Room

School Counselor Cartoons

Ooohhh...I just came across a school counselor funny that you can purchase and hang on your walls! I also have a link of random cartoons to help make your week. You don't see them often, so I thought I'd share!


Counselor Cartoon Art

School Counselor Cartoons

ASCA and NOSCA and TSC, Oh My!

School counselors hear my cry! If you are not down with at least one of the three wise men, then you better get up to snuff! In today's school counselor world of data, advocacy and accountability, there are three organizations that lead the way for school counselors. Different foci - same messages - varying deliveries - all relevant. There is Collegeboard's National Office of School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA), the Education Trust's Transforming School Counseling (TSC) and the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). I have been a participant at all of their conferences at least once. You get something different out of each one. I like to blend them together at times as well as use them separately depending upon my needs. Check them out! Great stuff and you're sure to be extraordinary!




Sites and Tips

A few years ago, I collaborated with a colleague and we came up with some great sites and tips for our local school counselor organization's publication. I hope you can use them and be extraordinary while doing so!

Sites and Tips

Auto B Good Videos

I love these videos! They have such good messages and the children are mesmerized while watching them. LOL! The website also has printables in the event you need some for a lesson.   


College Application Process

The American Federation of Teachers and ASCA joined together to publish this free document on the nuts and bolts of the college admission process.

Check it out and enjoy!

Just Ask!

Financial Literacy Lessons for Students

The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis has created free lessons for all elementary, middle and high school students. This is a great way to collaborate with classroom teachers or provide a follow-up lesson and attach it to citizenship.  Also, in this post are some curricula from other states.


Money Curriculum - St. Louis

Money Curriculum - San Fransisco

Money Curriculum - Philadelphia 6 -8

Money Curriculum - Philadelphia 3-5

Money Curriculum - Virginia

Treat for High School Counselors

High School Counselors! Do I have a treat for you!!! A few years ago I put together this listing for my counselors so that if they had a question about out of state transfers they could access these quick links on other state requirements. I have not rechecked them in two years, but hopefully this can give you a running start!


State Assessments

State Graduation Requirements

JHU and Gifted Students

We all know that Johns Hopkins University plays a significant role in the academic preparation of young students with their Center for Talented Youth. Now, they have a research document that can assist school based personnel.


Academically Talented Students

Friday, August 24, 2012

Merit Aid - Cappex's Sister Site

If you love Cappex, then you will love Merit Aid! Merit Aid is a comprehensive directory of merit and academic scholarships from colleges across the country. The have neat counselor resources too!


Treavor Romain Products

If you are in need of topics regarding bullies, divorce or teaching the concept of caring, then Treavor Romain is for you! He has books, posters, curriculum sets and even products to assist military children.


Treavor Romain

Cappex for Counselors

Ohhhhhhh!!!!!! I love Cappex's Counselor Center! I heard about them at least 3 years ago at an ASCA conference and have been a fan ever since! They have the best free resources for high school counselors to use with students. They have all kinds of planners and worksheets, PowerPoints about college searches and best of all they have scattergrams for don't have to pay for that expensive program that begins with the letter that comes between M and O! This will definitely make you extraordinary!



College Internship Program (CIP) for Students with Asperger's/ADHD

I learned about this organization at a national school counselor conference. It is a great alternative for students with learning differences.

CIP's full-year postsecondary programs provide young adults with Asperger's, High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, Nonverbal and other Learning Differences with the social, academic, career and life skills necessary for success. Their mission is to inspire independence and expand the foundation on which young adults can build happy and productive lives - taken from website


Great High School Resource

High School Counselors! Do I have a treat for you that will make you extraordinary! If you have never seen the College Spotlight Magazine you are missing something great! I LOVE this publication. There is a fee, but it is worth the money! I make copies of certain sections or scholarships and send them to my high school counselors all the time. They also have a free resources tab at the top. Don't forget to preview the free magazine by clicking the left tab!


College and Career Press

The Prevention Researcher Journal

If you have not had a chance to check this journal out, please do! There is a fee for this publication but it is well worth it. It is filled with articles about current and relevant children and adolescent issues. Best of all school counselor educators sit on the board for the journal, ensuring that the school counselor perspective is heard.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

On-Line School Guide

In need of a tool that can give you every on-line college program in the country? Well now you have found it! They also have other subsites as well, just click the "OS" at the top. This is sure to assist you on your journey to being extraordinary!


On-line School Guide

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


34 days!
1566 hits!
55 topics!

Thank you school counselors! I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog. Please know there is an endless supply of information for me to post (I have 7 years worth)! Please come by and visit regularly.

Help for School Counseling Departments Websites

Virtual School has been created to help school counseling departments design and maintain departmental websites. A well designed school counseling departmental website will maximize the department's ability to provide effective school counseling services to the students, parents, faculty, and community. - taken from website
Click to check out Nate's site. There are Youtube videos and Twitter updates too!


Virtual School Counselor

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Discovery Education Products

If you are ever at a national or state school counseling conference, stop by and see Dell from Discovery Education. He has very extraordinary DVDs on a myriad of different mental health and guidance topics. My school division was lucky enough to secure some through a grant for our middle schools on bullying prevention. Good stuff that will make you extraordinary!


Discovery Education

Section 504, FERPA, RTI and More!

One of the best companies I have come across is LRP Publications. They produce the best written resources to help school counselors understand FERPA and student privacy, HIPAA, Section 504 and a plethora of other topics. These products can make you extraordinary!


Administrator's Resource Guide

ASCA Scene: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

If you are not a member of the ASCA Scene then you've been sleeping on this remarkable extraordinary free service for school counselors. The American School Counselor Association sponsors this collaboration site. You can sign up by different subgroups, by interest area, school counselor type, level or position and your state school counselor associations even have their own groups. There are loads of lessons, presentations, resources, etc in the on-line file cabinets. School counselors converse and seek assistance to questions and dilemmas daily. Sliced bread, people. Sliced bread!


ASCA Scene

School Counselor Central

School Counselor Central is an online tool that provides your School Counseling Department with a format to organize the school counseling program, align activities and lessons to national standards for school counseling, provide tools for quick online reporting, and enhance professional growth with a school counselor forum. - taken from website

Best of all, they offer a free 2-week demo and have a list of school divisions who use the product.

Enjoy for this could surely make you extraordinary!

School Counselor Central

New College Fair Site

I just received this email yesterday alerting me about a new service for high school college fairs called College Fair Registry. High schools can enter their college fair information in a national database with the hopes that colleges and universities will come to you, opposed to you calling them to attend your fair. Pretty neat, huh? Why didn't I think of it!

Enjoy and be extraordinary!

College Fair Registry

Monday, August 20, 2012

Free Tools for Your Lessons

Need some help with making engaging PowerPoints for your students? Want to create a word search or crossword based on your lesson? Need a Venn diagram so students can show you what's different and what's the same between tattling and telling or the high school graduation requirements? These links can help you do all that and more! Check them out and make your lessons extraordinary!


PowerPoint in the Classroom


Graphic Organizers

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Suicide Prevention Toolkit for High Schools

SAMHSA has released Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools. This downloadable toolkit represents the best available evidence and expert opinion on preventing suicide among high school students. It provides schools with recommended steps and accompanying tools to guide them in creating and implementing strategies and programs that prevent teen suicide and promote behavioral health among their students.

Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools will help schools and their partners:
  • Assess their ability to prevent suicide among students and respond to suicides that may occur.
  • Understand strategies that can help students who are at risk for suicide.
  • Understand how to respond to the suicide of a student or other member of the school community.
  • Identify suicide prevention programs and activities that are effective for the needs of individual schools.
  • Respond to the needs and cultures of each school's students.Integrate suicide prevention into activities that fulfill other aspects of the school's mission such as preventing the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. - taken from website



Saturday, August 11, 2012

ASCA's Legal and Ethical Specialist Training

Ooohhhhh!!! I was so excited when I learned that ASCA had decided to launch a legal and ethical specialist certification for school counselors. A group of colleagues and I have registered and formed a study group to go through the process together. So good. I do have to admit that all of the requirements do make the process a bit lengthy, but there is no expiration once your register. I even checked with my school division to see if the course counted as professional development points and it does! So be sure to check with your school division and I hope you register for the certification, for there is nothing like being an extraordinary school counselor!


Legal & Ethical Specialist

Center for School Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation

I love this site for a couple of reasons. First, it introduces school counselors to the hows and whys to using data. Second, they have fellowship opportunites for graduate students. Third, they have some really great data tools and overall school counseling links. Just look under resources for counselors. You are sure to be extraordinary when using data!



Center for Excellence in School Counseling Leadership

CESCal, ran by Dr. Trish Hatch, serves to promote excellence in the field of school counseling and to assist school counselors, their site and central office administrators as they design, implement and evaluate their school counseling programs. The website has loads of templates and resources for grad students as well as practicing school counselors. You will find some really neat and helpful documents and information on this site. They also are strong advocates for LGBTQIA students and hold a conference every year for school counselors and educators, so they can better assist this population of students.


Center for Excellence in School Counseling Leadership

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Distance Credentialed Counselor (DCC)

A year ago, I completed the on-line credential of distance counselor. I decided to embark upon this endeavor because on-line schooling is about to make a surge. It is the wave of the future. Most of the on-line programs hire school counselors. I believe the DCC is a way to set yourself apart from the other applicants and we all know how competitive the job market is right now for school counseling positions. Never be afraid to work on yourself or your professional image. Be extraordinary!

Distance Credentialed Counselor

Certificate in Sports Counseling

While at an ASCA conference two years ago, I heard about a graduate certificate program in sports counseling. I thought what a great idea for those school counselors who work with student athletes, their families and NCAA requirements. It is also 100% on-line, allowing school counselors to work it into their exisiting schedules.


Sports Counseling

Monday, August 6, 2012

Yoga for Kids

I had heard about this a few years ago and was not sold. Then I took an alternative counseling course and learned that yoga can help students who are not only stressed, but who are depressed and who have ADHD. So I thought to myself..why not? We even have a counselor in my division who teaches yoga to her students as part of her comprehensive school counseling program at the gifted elementary school! How extraordinary!

Fast foward to this past June at the ASCA conference in MN. I visited a booth of a vendor who sold yoga curriculum and paraphernalia. I bought the stress ball and the chimes. LOL! If you don't think this site is for you, I encourage you to Google search for yoga products that meet the needs of your students.

Yoga for Students


Do I Need an Admin Endorsement?

About four years ago my director told me that I needed to go back to school and obtain my educational leadership endorsement! UGH!!!!! The last thing I wanted to do was go back to school...and especially for ed leadership. I had NO desire to become a school administrator. So I enrolled in a local program and spent every other weekend for 1.5 years obtaining this endorsement. There were only two school counselors out of 20+ people in the cohort. I must say, this was one of the most beneficial things I have ever done. First, I learned that they rarely consider the school counselor in these programs. They talk about the secretaries, custodians and cafeteria workers before they even utter school counselor. Second, I learned how to think like an administrator and an administrator. This makes my life much more easier. Last, if you are a school counselor in a building and you are thinking that you would like to go "downtown" to "central office", you are going to need it. More and more school divisions are making this certification the minimum requirement for central office jobs.

Good Luck!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Notebook Babies

A few years ago one of the elementary counselors introduced me to notebook babies. She showed a clip as part of her lesson. It was the absolutely cutest thing I ever saw...little cartoon characters that address issues elementary students may be experiencing. 


Notebook Babies

The Giving Tree Lesson

I love Shel Silverstein! I have loved him since South Road Elementary School...many, many years ago. His stories are timeless. So I was elated when I came across this website with lessons for his book, The Giving Tree.


17 and Counting!

No...not the television show! LOL! This is the number of school counseling blogs that I subscribe to! If you have a blog or have a blog favorite that I should follow, just let me know! I will be happy to post it on my list. There are enough topics and viewpoints for everyone! To find the list, just click on the home tab and look on the left-hand side of the page. 


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kelly Bear

Leah Davies provides a great program for students ages 3 - 9 on an array of topics. You can always find her assisting school counselors on the ASCA Scene (free service)...that's where I found her! I asked for assistance with books for students with incarcerated parents and she provided a wealth of information. She has a Youtube channel and provides a a list of free articles for school counselors and teachers.  Thanks Leah, for being so extraordinary!


I (heart) Woodburn Press

One of the my favorite products are the ones published by Woodburn Press. If you happen to have extra monies in your budget and can afford these books, they are a great way to supplement academic and career lessons. I have passed them out to classes after finishing an academic/course selection lesson and placed them on tables during Junior and Senior Nights. They even have free resources for educators!


Free Reources