Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rethinking Learning: 21st Century Learner

While in a workshop the other day, the presenter showed this video on YouTube that I thought was pretty profound. In my school division the school counselors are a part of curriculum and instruction. We are not under a Student Services Model. Therefore,  everything we do must support instruction. We have to learn the same academic strategies as classroom addition to the career and personal/social foci. The message for school counselors is that we cannot continue to keep doing the same thing and expect different results.  We cannot SOLELY keep presenting lessons in paper pencil, reading books or any other traditional and conventional means. Students today utilize all types of technology at home and in the classroom. We as counselors, need to follow suit. So, use those smartboards, iPads, remote control response systems, eBooks, touch iPhones, wikis, blogs, edmodo, animoto, Skype, computers, websites, podcasts, webinars, SchoolTube or any other type or kind of that technology that can foster 21st century learning! We have to get on the 21st century/technology/critical thinking bus...or we will be left behind.

Rethinking Learning

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