Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kelso's Choice

This post is dedicated to the elementary counselors in my school division, but especially Katie T., Felicia B., Denise O., Sarah P. and Kathleen K. for fostering my love of frogs! 

When I first started my job as a coordinator, the elementary counselors in my division talked about Kelso. I was like, Kelso who? Kelso what? Well after five years of completing observations, I am a believer! I love this green frog too! I have never seen children remember and use conflict resolution skills so well. I also must tell you that this is not just a school counselor program. It is a BUILDING WIDE program. Teachers are involved as well. There are posters in classrooms and in the hallways with Kelso's choices on it. I have seen the most creative lessons around this little green guy. I have seen counselors and students ribbitt and hop and I have seen students move him across the smartboard to lily pads when they make the right choice. Moreover, one of the counselors found a video on YouTube! Well that just about seals the deal for me! Kelso is here to stay! Well at least in my division! 


Kelso's Choice

Kelso on YouTube

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