Monday, December 17, 2012

More Grief and Crisis Resources for You

School counselors, below you will find three more links, some by fellow bloggers. I have also posted two more documents to the google drive.

Best of luck to you this week as we as a nation try to make sense of this horrible tragedy.

Sandy Hook Resources

National Association of School Psychologists

Emily Goodman Scott

School Counselor Blog

Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Help When Shootings Occur at School

As a society we have grown tolerant of violence. It is almost acceptable. However, when it occurs in our schools I always ask...why? Why? Why? School is suppose to be a "safe" place. Why could someone come in and destroy that sanctity? I can go on and rant about violence, or I can help you help the children who will have worry and anxiety, fear and grief because basically they don't understand and someone has robbed them of their childhood by exposing them to something that they were not developmentally ready to handle. 

The link below provides four documents to assist you with the mental health needs of your students and the links to the Crisis Institute and American Hospice.

My heart goes out to the families and faculty of all schools that encounter violence on their campuses. 

How to Help When Shootings Occur at School

Crisis Institute

American Hospice

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ACT Explore

It's about that time again....Explore testing! In my division we use explore with all 8th grader so that the students develop a better understanding of how course selection supports career planning. ACT also presents a local workshop  for our school counselors every fall. The Explore test has a career interest portion as well. That portion really helps the students see the connection I was talking about. Interpretation of the results is provided either via a parent information night or during classroom guidance lessons. I always hate having to hunt down the resource here it is!

Enjoy and help your students be extraordinary...through career and college planning! 

Educator's Resource Page

Monday, December 3, 2012

Find Out the Scoop!...on Great Schools

Well will you looky here!! A site where parents and students rate their own schools!

If you have never been to Great Schools, it is time you visited this site and see the perspectives of your stakeholders as it relates to your school and those who serve it. This site has evolved since I used to frequent it a few years ago. Nonetheless, you can find useful information, especially as a resource for your parents.


Great Schools


If you are anything like me...every once in awhile the demands of life become overwhelming! Job, school (taking classes), family, pets, friends, clubs and/or organizations...all fighting for the little bit of free time we have or have carved out for ourselves! UGH! Grrrrrr!

Just remember that as school counselors we wear many hats, both professionally and sometimes personally (as we try to assist our friends and family with their problems), therefore it is important that we take time for ourselves and do what we can to recharge our batteries.

I like to drive or walk around the house in complete silence. Take Onyx for a walk. Sometimes, yoga, a cup of hot tea, surfing the internet, Reiki or even watching movies where I can totally lose myself and follow story lines where someone else has problems in their lives! Oh yea...and I forgot to mention shopping...LOL...

Whatever your means of self-care are, do it! Always take sometime for yourself. We are no good to others if we cannot be good to ourselves.