Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ode to Character Education

When I was an elementary school counselor in North Carolina (shout out to Alamance-Burlington and Guilford Counties), character education was the focus of my comprehensive school counseling program. I loved it!!! We had morning announcements and colors that equated to every word so that on Fridays the whole school would wear that color. My classroom lessons were centered around the character traits. Oh, how I miss those days. My current division infuses The Principles of American Citizenship into the schools, as a building-wide program that is sponsored by our city PTA. It is very similar. Below you will find several websites to help you with building a character education program.


Character Counts

Character Education Partnership

Good Character

Character Ed

Character Education


Sqworl is a web application that provides a clean and simple way to visually bookmark multiple URLs. Opposed to some of the other URL bookmarks that list them, sqworl gives you little icons or pictures of your favorite sites. You can even categorize them.


Free College Fair

Career Council Inc./National Hispanic College Fair Inc. is a great resource if you are from a small/remote division where it is hard to draw colleges to you or if you are a district experiencing economic cuts. This organization will set up the fair, bus your students in and provide free bags to hold all the materials! You can't beat that with a stick! They have served over 1000 high schools. Now this is extraordinary!


College Fairs


Unigo is a college search site that allows current college students to share "real life" information with prospective students. They have over 250,000 college reviews and college rankings. What is different about this site is that they have a section where high school students can receive college advice from "experts" to help them get into their dream schools. These experts are school counselors, college admission reps, etc. You may even have a chance to become an expert if you can pass their screening process.  Extraordinary, huh?



Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's My Career - New Career Guide for Secondary Students

A friend of mine asked me to check out ItsMyCareer. It is actually a good tool and I forwarded the information to some of the other school counselor supervisors in my state.

It has developed an Interactive Career Guide for Secondary Students. Their primary goal is to assist in the process of helping our youth discover their individual passion at an early age trusting in their corporate motto: “Get with the Idea of… ItsMyCareer. Find Your Passion!”

As an application designed in accordance with NCDA Software Guidelines, their solution offers students an opportunity to:
1)      Discover traditional and nontraditional careers utilizing Business Process Modeling
2)      Understand the Business Process of products/services from concept to consumer utilizing our Maestro Marketplace Concept-to-Consumer Business Process Models
3)      Engage with Fortune 1000 companies via virtual technology utilizing our Maestro Marketplace Virtual Intern module
4)      Store selected careers and virtual assignments utilizing our Maestro Marketplace Career Portfolio integrated with Facebook

"Our cloud based software solution is scheduled to be launched Fall 2012 and is available to all middle and high schools at no cost. Over the next three months, we will be conducting online demonstrations of our solution. We are truly excited about making a difference in the lives of our children in addition to following the lead of educators such as yourself. I look forward to you attending a demonstration". - Melvin Anderson, CEO

ItsMyCareer provides the upcoming schedule for web demonstrations along with the form to register your school to receive their solution when released this fall. Please visit to either 1) register your school; or 2) register for a web demonstration of our solution.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In Need of Better Behaviors?

If you are in need of a tool to assist your students in choosing better behaviors, look no more! Emily Goodman Scott, has a great resource. She and her colleague will be coming to provide professional development sessions for the school counselors in my division. Emily also speaks on a variety of topics.

Check out her site! Enjoy!

The Academic Tourist

There is a great website for high school counselors and students put out by Mark Ausbrooks, a VA high school counselor in Fairfax. Co. Mark pegs himself as an Academic Tourist. He occasionally blogs about colleges and universities that he encounters as well.

When you get a chance, check it out!


Mark Ausbrooks

Do You Doodle??

The other day one of my counselor educator colleagues sent me a meeting invitation using Doodle! OOOOHHHHHH!!!! I love it! It's free and it connects with your existing calendars.

Check it out!


Diploma Guide

While assisting a high school counselor with a special education student from Washington State, I stumbled upon this site while searching for the Washington DOE. It didn't look so bad, however I urge you to double check with any state's DOE site.


High School Diploma By State

Friday, September 7, 2012

Be Sure to Check Back

I have added more...

  • Homelessness Links
  • College Readiness Links

Counselor Confidential

Another neat school cousnelor website I came upon about a year ago is Counselor Confidential. It is an on-line discussion board similiar to ASCA scene and the Own the Turf Community. Be sure to check it may just find something you need that can make you extraordinary!


Counselor Confidential


Happy Back to School!

The first high school counselor to name the seven sister schools to will win a brand new copy of the College Counseling Sourcebook, 6th ed.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Success Skills Curriculum

I first learned about this curriculum at a NOSCA conference a few years back. I ordered it because it is evidence-based. They have lessons for grades K - 12. The people at CSCORE also endorse it and some of the school divisions they work with use it as well.



Homeless Students

Below you will find various organizations that can assist you with helping homeless students. Be sure to see the McKinney-Vento Act page on the National Center for Homeless Education for proper information.

Annie Casey Foundation

Feeding America

National Alliance to End Homelessness

National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth

National Center for Homeless Education

National Coalition of the Homeless

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty

The Search Institute

US Government Programs

Check Out the Tabs!!!

School Counselors, be sure to check out the Bullying Prevention, Military Resources and the new College Readiness Tab at the top of the blog. Please check back periodically for I have more to add that will definitely make you extraordinary!

Bowling Grants and Scholarships

There are multiple grant opportunities available to schools for bowling equipment, bowling program funds as well as In-School Bowling equipment that should be receiving more applications. We would like to ask that you share this information and encourage applications to ensure that schools utilize these opportunities.

Youth bowlers also have access to numerous scholarship opportunities through bowling. This year the deadline for these scholarship applications was moved to December 1st.

Please share this information with the community as well as your youth bowlers and encourage them to submit applications for these grant and scholarship opportunities!

High School Grant Assistance Program

The United States Bowling Congress, Bowling Proprietors' Association of America and The Bowling Foundation have partnered with the YES Fund to award four $2,500 grants to help start a high school bowling program or to help supplement a program that lost funding because of school budget cuts. The application for this grant can be downloaded below.

In-School Bowling Program Grant

Give youth the opportunity to learn about the sport of bowling outside of the center. This program provides opportunities to teach students the sport of bowling with instructional curriculum and equipment available to use in school or other facilities.

S.E.T.S Grants (Students Equipped to Strike)

In order to making bowling available to all, The Bowling Foundation, YES! (Youth Education Services Fund), BPAA (Bowling Proprietors Association of America) and USBC (United States Bowling Congress) along with industry partners, Classic Bowling Products, and TNBA (The National Bowling Association) have come together to provide high school varsity team and varsity club team members with quality bowling equipment. Bowling balls* will be awarded to applicants based on financial eligibility and other requirements listed below and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Youth Scholarships

There are numerous National awards and scholarships that have been created for high school or college students who compete in the sport of bowling. Please encourage your youth bowlers to apply for these scholarships!

All applications are due by December 1st and can be downloaded on

Thank you for sharing this information and encouraging the growth of youth bowling!


The IBC Youth Development Team