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Resources for Grieving Children


The Cincinnati Children's Hospital and New York Life teamed together for the a document on how to assist children after a loved one dies. It is a great resource to add to your toolbox. In addition the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (Cincinnati Children's Hospital) has a great website devoted to assisting children, schools, parents, etc. They have parent guides, sample letters, etc.

I hope you can use these resources to help your students and make your program extraordinary!

After a Loved One Dies - How Children Grieve

National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement

Free Journals for Young Students

Health Net Federal Services' children’s initiative provides additional resources to help children successfully navigate the unique challenges military families face. Journals may be reviewed and printed at no cost below.

Kid's Journals

College Week Live

College Week Live is a free college preparation site for students and high school counselors. They have over 450 colleges and universities, scholarship and financial aid information, live chats with college reps and down loadable resources for students. Resources for counselor include down loadable lesson plans, search upcoming online college fairs and the ability to request online meetings with college reps.

Check it out, it's good stuff!

Monday, January 21, 2013

I'm First

 I'm First

I'm First is a site by the Center for Student Opportunity. They believe that the opportunity for college exists for students who do not have a family history of higher education.

I'm First is an online community offering support, advice and encouragement to students who will be the first in their family to reach this goal. They help to empowe first-generation college students to and through college.

Join I'm First and show your support for students working hard to be among the first generation in their family to and through college.

I'm First

Transition of Students with Disabiltiies

At times it is difficult to find transition information for special education students going to college. But alas...I stumbled upon this page from the Office of Civil Rights that is more of a FAQs, but it is a start for those of us who need this information inorder to advocate for our students.


Transition Guide

Friday, January 11, 2013

Grandma Rose

As part of our comprehesive school counseling program for the division we have a mandatory K-12 bullying prevention action plan that utilizes a host of books and websites. One specific book is Simon's Hook and it's companion website (see below). The Grandma Rose site is an interactive site from GR publishing that accompanies their published books.

For Simon's Hook, there is a quiz, a certificate and some other neat things that I am not going to tell you about...because I want you to go to the site and be extraordinary! LOL!

Grandma Rose


Whole Body Listening

I came across these products while searching for resources for our elementary school counselors. I love this concept. The company also has a lot of other great products for spectrum disorder students. Be sure to check it out!

What is Whole Body Listening?

Whole Body Listening is more than just “hearing” with the ears. It includes:
  • listening with the eyes (looking at the speaker)
  • listening with the mouth (closed and quiet - no talking, humming, making sounds, etc.)
  • listening with the body (facing the speaker)
  • listening with the hands (quietly at the side of the body or in the lap)
  • listening with the feet (standing still or quietly on the floor)
  • listening with the brain (thinking about what the speaker is saying)
  • and listening with the heart (caring about what the speaker is saying)
Being a good listener means much more than just hearing what is said with the ears. It is important to break down ALL of the components of listening for your child. Many children hear various statements like, “Show me good listening” or “I need you to listen”; however, we often forget to talk about what that means. When the entire family understands the components of Whole Body Listening, you can give specific instruction about which areas of listening you would like your child to improve – “Sally, I need you to listen with your feet.” - taken from website

Whole Body Listening


Crisis Resources


A classmate of mine stopped me last night after class to share his thoughts about a conversation he had with some other doc students. It basically centered around school crisis plans. He then shared one with me that he found via the ASCA website with a "Google" search. It is very comprehensive, I am unsure if there is a link to it on the ASCA site at this time. It may have been lost in the redesign of the site. Well I investigated a little more and found the most recent version on the actual Mississippi Bend, IA site. Nonetheless, thank you Kevin!!! You're the bestest!

Sudden Death of a Student

I also found this site while searching for crisis plan clip art. Which goes to show never know what you will find on the World Wide Web!

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Workplace Readiness Skills Curriculum

I am a big proponent of Career and Technical Education. I think all students should be career and college ready. One of the best resources I know about is the Workplace Readiness Skills curriculum. If you need a place with some great career lessons, this book is for you! It is probably a 4 inch tabbed binder with all kind of practical skills your students will need to be successful in their life after high school. It's a little pricey at $175.00, but worth it!

Workplace Readiness Skills Curriculum

PhD or Not to PhD?

Why am I doing this? T-shirtHo Hum! I am in my third year of part-time studies in a Counselor Education and Supervision program...and it's getting old. I have four more semesters...that's it!!!! Classes start next week and this is the semester I must take my oral and written comps. Sooooo not looking forward to it! I love my program, but I am running out of steam. So for those of you who maybe thinking about a move in this direction...let me break it down for you.


  • I have met the most amazing, brilliant people in my program. All kinds of people, with all kinds of backgrounds with all kinds experiences. Being part-time and having a career is a little hard when a lot of my classmates have dropped out of the workforce to attend the program full-time. They get to teach undergrad classes, assist with research and other duties related to the program. So at times, there is a disconnect because we do not live each other's lives, but I try to stay as connected as I can.
  • I have had the opportunity to take a multicultural class in Ireland. Best experience of my life!!! Hands down!
  • I have attended counselor educator conferences and co-presented on topics I normally would have never considered.
  • If you have a master's in counseling, a PhD in counseling is not that far removed. You don't really learn anything new...just delve deeper into it. It is more about advancing your skills.
  • It's not really hard. It's a lot of information due in a short period of time.
  • I realized that I DO NOT want to be a full-time professor. Adjunct for me, Baby!
  • I am a better advocate, proponent and supervisor of and for school counselors and school counseling.
  • There are times when I really do know what I am talking about. All of this jargon and lingo are sticking!!!!
  • I know what they are talking about in journal articles.
  • I have met some pretty well known and respected counselor educators. Some of them teach me every year!
  • I really have grown as an individual and a professional.


  • Be sure that you understand your program. When I originally applied, I thought it was counselor education. When I got accepted I realized it was ...and supervision AND BOY IS IT SUPERVISION!!!! My program provides the most supervision in the country. No lie! As PhD students we receive supervision from our professors. Then, we provide supervision to master's students. Then there is group supervision where you participate in a doc group and facilitate a group of master's students. There is individual, triadic, internship, practicum...just about every semester until you propose your dissertation. I have grown to love and respect supervision, but it is very time consuming, there is a lot of paperwork, follow-up and responsibility that goes along with it. Also, my program prepares you for one or all of the 3 tracks: LPC, counselor educator or administrator. Not all programs have tracks.
  • Summer session is a mandatory semester!!!!!
  • Most CES programs DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT teach anything about school counseling. It is all mental health based. So the first semester I nearly had an anxiety attack. I had to teach myself about case notes, etc. because my master's program was straight school counseling. I had two professors with a school counseling background and the only thing they could do was use school counseling examples because one class was Intro to Supervision and the other, Program Evaluation. So everything I do...EVERYTHING...I have to infuse school counseling into it and then I have to explain to my mental health cohorts why we do things this way and why we can't do things that way. Even in supervision, I have to explain to the school counseling practicum and internship students that they need to forget alot of what they learned in the program because it is not applicable.
  • All of the stats classes! YUK!!!! A PhD is a research based degree; whereas an EdD is more practitioner based. Also a PhD in counseling is just that...Counseling, not Educational Leadership or Administration.
  • Be ready for all those things you have suppressed to come bubbling out as you practice your advanced counseling skills. As you learn how to be a great therapist/counselor, you have to learn how to effectively deal with all your crap that you have hidden away for years. Not fun. Not fun at all. However, I can process like the dickens now! I have experienced transference and counter-transference. I am aware of metacognition, meta-thinking, received knowledge, parallel process and all that good stuff!  
  • I learned is that there are a lot of counselor educators who have forgotten what it is like in the trenches or have never even been a practicing school counselor. Yes, true!
  • If you attend part-time, your friends and family don't realize the amount of pressure and time constraints that are now upon you. I have had to send many emails letting people know that I am not ignoring them...I am a PhD student now!
  • I think I may have had a nervous breakdown somewhere in this program, but I was too tired to notice.

Oh well..(BIG SIGH)! The semester starts next week and I am off to the semester doc student supervision meeting...coming Dr. T!

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School Counseling Linky Party 2013

I just have to thank Marissa at Elementary School Counseling for allowing me to participate in this Linky Party! This is so wonderful that she provided this opportunity for bloggers and blog readers everywhere!
  I would have to say the Best High School Resource Going! This is a phenomenal document put out by Consumer Reports that combines all of the college going/readiness sites in one place! I would have loved this when I was a High School Counselor!
Believe it or not!!!! School Counselor Cartoons!!! Perhaps we all need some comic relief every once in awhile. Shucks! I know I do!


My top 5 Blogs would be:
SCOPE - I love Erin. She is my SHERO!!!!

Minor Details - My sorority sister's blog. She is an event planner in Cali.

Minor Details

Mermaid Watch - If you know anything about Norfolk, VA, then you know about the mermaids...and I have become addicted to them! It all started when I had to do the Flat Stanley project for my Godson in MN. Well, part of the project had me searching the city and taking pictures of all of the different mermaids and searching for the mermaid book. I became so enthralled that I bought the mermaid poster and a charm! LOL! So now, whenever I travel the city...I look for the mermaids! Oh yea, Norfolk is also called "Mermaid City"!

Four and Five would be the over a dozen school counselor blogs I follow! You all help me so much in my quest to assist school counselors EVERYWHERE! I think my blog is a little bit different in that it is really a place to highlight and showcase resources and products that school counselors can use, opposed to how to actually replicate an idea or practice. Being that I am at central office, my lens is is holistic. It is about best practices. It is about making jobs easier, adhering to ethical guidelines and making school counselors better. Also, there are people, places, things and ideas that I am exposed to that when I was in a building I never knew existed.


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If you are a fan or YouTube, then you should love SchoolTube! Same premise, school friendly! You can utilize this resource for all of your school counseling needs. You can insert clips into powerpoints, find clips on most subjects and utilitze those 21st century skills! Below are two links that best support school counselors.



School Counselor

I'm Baaaaccckkkk!!! Happy New Year!!!!

I am 5 days back from a holiday Caribbean cruise with my mother (my step-father passed 12 years ago and we no longer celebrate traditional Christmas). Needless to say, one of my most favorite things...when we tour Caribbean islands, is to pay attention to the part when the tour guide shows us the schools and talks about the educational system. I LOVE THAT PART!!! It always captures my attention. I am one of those people who "perk up" when they see schools outside of their district. I am always many students attend there??? What is that school like?...or saying "WOW...that's a pretty big school". I know...I am a educational edifice nerd! LOL!

Nonetheless, school counselors everywhere!!!! I wish you a wonderful 2013 filled with all the success and happiness that your life can hold!

...and always remember to be extraordinary!

Free Smartboard Resources

I learned about this free software from one of the listservs that I subscribe to...I would suggest that as school counselors we request the free Main Street Shopping/Grades 4 -6. It ties into career interests. This is a great way to expose your students to a shopping spree and support instruction at the same time. You can also co-teach this lesson with the classroom extraordinary!


Lakeshore Free Software