Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Baaaaccckkkk!!! Happy New Year!!!!

I am 5 days back from a holiday Caribbean cruise with my mother (my step-father passed 12 years ago and we no longer celebrate traditional Christmas). Needless to say, one of my most favorite things...when we tour Caribbean islands, is to pay attention to the part when the tour guide shows us the schools and talks about the educational system. I LOVE THAT PART!!! It always captures my attention. I am one of those people who "perk up" when they see schools outside of their district. I am always many students attend there??? What is that school like?...or saying "WOW...that's a pretty big school". I know...I am a educational edifice nerd! LOL!

Nonetheless, school counselors everywhere!!!! I wish you a wonderful 2013 filled with all the success and happiness that your life can hold!

...and always remember to be extraordinary!

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