Monday, January 7, 2013

School Counseling Linky Party 2013

I just have to thank Marissa at Elementary School Counseling for allowing me to participate in this Linky Party! This is so wonderful that she provided this opportunity for bloggers and blog readers everywhere!
  I would have to say the Best High School Resource Going! This is a phenomenal document put out by Consumer Reports that combines all of the college going/readiness sites in one place! I would have loved this when I was a High School Counselor!
Believe it or not!!!! School Counselor Cartoons!!! Perhaps we all need some comic relief every once in awhile. Shucks! I know I do!


My top 5 Blogs would be:
SCOPE - I love Erin. She is my SHERO!!!!

Minor Details - My sorority sister's blog. She is an event planner in Cali.

Minor Details

Mermaid Watch - If you know anything about Norfolk, VA, then you know about the mermaids...and I have become addicted to them! It all started when I had to do the Flat Stanley project for my Godson in MN. Well, part of the project had me searching the city and taking pictures of all of the different mermaids and searching for the mermaid book. I became so enthralled that I bought the mermaid poster and a charm! LOL! So now, whenever I travel the city...I look for the mermaids! Oh yea, Norfolk is also called "Mermaid City"!

Four and Five would be the over a dozen school counselor blogs I follow! You all help me so much in my quest to assist school counselors EVERYWHERE! I think my blog is a little bit different in that it is really a place to highlight and showcase resources and products that school counselors can use, opposed to how to actually replicate an idea or practice. Being that I am at central office, my lens is is holistic. It is about best practices. It is about making jobs easier, adhering to ethical guidelines and making school counselors better. Also, there are people, places, things and ideas that I am exposed to that when I was in a building I never knew existed.


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