Thursday, February 14, 2013

National Office of School Counselor Advocacy (NOSCA)

If you don't know Pat, Vivian, Jennifer, April or Dominque...then where have you been???? These dynamic women make up the National Office of School Counselor Advocacy - a part of the CollegeBoards's Advocacy and Policy Office. I feel like they are my see them at just about every counseling related conference, they have a great conference of their own and they have FREE STUFF!!!! Moreover, they represent the voice of school counselors on Capital Hill!
They have so much going on...they do so much...I don't even know where to start!
Let's start with the Own the Turf Campaign...this is a great way to start your introduction to school counselor advocacy. You can sign-up on line or order a packet. The collection of signatures gathered support their school counselor legislation efforts on Capital Hill. This gives them numerical proof to congress of who and what they stand for.
The Principal/School Counselor Relationship is a great resource to build a better relationship with your principal. There is a workbook that both can use to collaborate on services and programs that can help the students at your school.
The Eight Components of College and Career Readiness is a K-12 systemic approach that helps guide school counselors in creating a comprehensive school counseling program that will make ALL students college and career ready.
They have webinars, a strategic planning tool and they are the authors of the National Survey of School Counselors. Moreover, they provide wonderful trainings for school counselors!
You HAVE TO check them out!!! They are extraordinary, indeed! Enjoy!

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