Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Involved!

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It's a brand new school year and you know what that means? Did you join your school counseling professional organization? I cannot think of a better way to support and advocate for your profession than you join your local chapter.

For about half of my career as a school counselor, I did not belong to any professional organizations. Well maybe the local teacher association, because they like to scare you about if you join them you can't lose your job...right? When I secured my central office job, part of the responsibility was to become a member of various organizations so that you can keep a thumb on the pulse of world of school counseling. I became an association junkie! Then I became a part of the executive board and I LOVED IT! I still do. There is nothing I like more than to help the school counselors in my state via conference planning, award recognition, answering questions and sharing information. Our board has become a family to me. There is nothing better than collaborating, volunteering, planning, learning and sometimes drinking wine with others who have the same passion and love I do for our profession. We all have great school counselors in our states and we all need to support and uplift each other; supporting your state school counseling organization can be the best thing you ever did to enrich your career. was for me.

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