Wednesday, August 28, 2013

National School Reform Faculty (Protocols)


A few years ago my school division set up a version of diversity training through a platform called "critical friends groups" with the National School Reform Faculty. A critical friends group is a professional learning community consisting of approximately 8-12 educators who come together voluntarily at least once a month for about 2 hours. Group members are committed to improving their practice through collaborative learning. 

You improve your practice by using protocols that consist of agreed upon guidelines for a conversation. This type of structure permits very focused conversations to occur. Protocols are used for looking at student and adult work, giving and receiving feedback, solving problems or dilemmas, observing classrooms or peers, to push thinking on a given issue and to structure a discussion around a text.

We use protocols during professional development, during work-a-like meetings, at faculty meetings and with students. They are a great way to add another dimension to peer feedback. Check out the site for training information and free protocols. 

National School Reform Faculty Protocols

 *It is recommended that you be a trained facilitator in order to use the protocols effectively

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