Thursday, August 29, 2013

STEM + Girls = National Girls Collaborative Project

What do you get when you add STEM and girls? The National Girls Collaborative Project! This organization is an awesome catalyst to assist our girls into science and math fields. Can you say girl power?

The National Girls Collaborative Project™ (NGCP) is designed to reach girl-serving STEM organizations across the United States. An intense recruitment and selection process began in fall 2005 to identify sponsoring organizations to lead local Collaboratives.

In April 2011, the National Girls Collaborative Project received additional funding from the National Science Foundation to reach additional states identified as high need priority areas.
The organizations selected to host local Collaboratives are impressive in their knowledge, experience, and diversity.

As a group, the local Collaboratives have an extensive network of organizations and individuals engaged in pursuing this common goal and the opportunity to share with and learn from each other. They vary in focus areas and populations served, and include higher education institutions, community-based organizations, and private non-profits, but all work to increase gender equity in STEM fields.

The National Girls Collaborative Project currently has 28 Collaboratives serving 38 states, and plans to expand to at least an additional three states in upcoming years.

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National Girls Collaborative Project


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