Monday, December 2, 2013

Listservs School Counseling Distrist Supervisors Need to Receive

I am a listserv junkie! I do it not so much for myself, but for my counselors! I want to ensure they receive the most important, relevant information they can; so that they can work with kids effectively. As my email piles up in my never empty mailbox...I have grown to look for this information for there are some really good data, facts, etc. in the blasts that go out. If you do not have a district supervisor, you many want to subscribe to these 11 listservs so that you can be on top of your game. For the majority of these listservs, you can just go to the site and sign up for the e-newsletter, etc.
Enjoy and be extraordinary!
  1. ASCA Scene - you must create a free account to recieve the listserv
  2. NCAA Eligibility Center Newsletter
  3. Common Sense Media
  4. I'm First - Information for first generation college students
  5. Collegeboard
  6. Teen Life
  7. National Girls Collaborative Project - STEM & Girls
  8. Common Application
  9. HS Counselor Week
  10. Cappex - College information
  11. National Center for Learning Disabilities


  1. Thank you so much for these resources! I get a couple of these, but not the rest. I am going to look into them. You are helping a school counselor who is not one of your own, but I appreciate it.

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