Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year School Counselors!

It's a new year! It's time for different and exciting things!  Here are some great suggestions to think about as you continue to develop and grow as an extraordinary school counselor!

  1. Join your professional organization and I mean your SCA (school counselor association), not your CA (counselor association). SCAs are just for school counselors; CAs are for all counselors. You will get more for your buck if your join your SCA as a practicing school counselor.
  2. Take advantage of your professional development opportunites. Take a class, attend a conference, listen to a podcast or webinar or participate in a TweetChat. You need new ideas. School counselors must stay current and relevant.
  3. Learn some new technology. There are so many out there today that I can barely keep up anymore, but I do it!
  4. Give back to your profession by being a site supervisor for an internship student, volunteer to be a RAMP reviewer for ASCA or an essay reader for Chi Sigma Iota International, speak to a SC class at your former university, nominate someone for a SC award or volunteer to be on your SCA board.
  5. Be honest with yourself regarding your career. Are you still effective? Do you still love your job? Working with children? For if you are one of those school counselors who doesn't believe you need to learn anything else, doesn't believe you need to attend a conference or obtain PD or does the same old tired lessons regardless of what the data says and what your school needs are...then you may need some career counseling. 'Nuf said! 


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