Thursday, May 8, 2014

Self-Injury and Self-Harm Resources

Self-harm and cutting has become such a HUGE issue, that my office will be providing PD to our school personnel next year. Ten of us will take a certification test and then teach others how to recognize and understand students who self-harm. Below is a list of resources that we will provide to them...and you get them free! The first link is a great webinar geared towards parents, but it really can assist anyone who is unfamiliar with the psychological underpinnings of self-injury.

I hope you learn from these resources for so many of our youth are hurting.

Free Webinar

Help Guide

Self Injury

On-line Support (Please use this site with caution)

Healthy Place

Self-Injury Help

Kahn Institute


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Best in School Cousneling


The Extraordinary School Counselor was selected as one of the Best in School Counseling by I am so excited, as this is a repeat honor! Follow me on twitter and Bloglovin'. See all their favorites at HERE

Do You Know About Street Drugs?

About ten years ago, I attended a workshop about the latest street drugs. I was fascinated! There are so many things out there that our students are doing...and using...and taking, as it relates to illegal and illicit substances. Today, drugs are being introduced earlier and earlier and to younger and younger children. The information changes so quickly that any book you have can be instantly outdated in a few months. So I turn to this great website to get the latest information. Being informed allows me to fully present when I walk the halls, over hear conversations and observe groups of students. While the behavior they display may not always be drug related, I now know what to look for.

Hope you learn something new!