Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Places to Find School Counseling Jobs - Part One

If you are looking for a school counseling job for whatever reason (about to graduate, moving, etc), here are two great places to find jobs.

Education Week's Top School Jobs - Here you can find school counseling or education related jobs  from all the world in private, public, charter and other settings. You can create a myriad of search combinations that are just right for you. You can also post a resume and have them send you alerts, so you can see when jobs are posted. 

Higher Ed Jobs - Yes! Believe it or not, they post school counseling jobs on this site. Not as many as the aforementioned site, but they do and most are international. I know a school counselor who was having a hard time finding a job in Virginia, so she took a job in Dubai for a year! This job site follows the same premise as above.

Good luck and be extraordinary!


  1. Thanks for posting this article, I really need to know more about this because I want to work abroad. I already found an Australian employment and I hope that I can work on that country soon.

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