Tuesday, November 11, 2014

YouthLight, Inc. Book Review: Black Girl Blues

Being a female of African American heritage, I have to admit that when I saw the title of this book I gave it the side-eye...lips pursed to the side and all! However, once I received  and reviewed it, I could see where the author was trying to accomplish. Aligned to the ASCA standards, this small group workbook for African-American girls is all about building self-esteem and acceptance of self in world where negative images saturate today's media. 

This book broaches the topic of intra-racial bullying by African-American girls (grades 6 - 12); and the simple fact that it took someone to write it, means it is a problem for our girls. I know there will be a lot of school counselors of color who feel that this topic does not need to be addressed in schools, but if not in a lunch bunch...then where? By whom? I also know there are a lot of school counselors who are not of color, who may not feel comfortable leading a group with your students about this topic. I say partner up with someone who can help you feel more comfortable when leading the group because it is all about creating self-acceptance and relationship building. 

Check out Author Carolyn Strong at Bullies Stink! and Youthlight, Inc. were you can purchase this book.


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