Thursday, November 13, 2014

Emotional Literacy


The other week an assistant principal wanted me to review a program for her because she wanted the school counselor to start using it in the school. The program focuses on emotional literacy/identifying feelings and emotions and started as a parent program. The creators then created a version to use in schools.

Here were my comments to the administrator:

"While I understand the concept of the PFF. This is something that can compliment the school counseling program. It also seems to me that this should be reviewed at home. Perhaps your school can implement it for the Standard Based Grading report card with the citizenship portion. Parents could review the components with students at home to build empathy and sympathy.

·      This would really be better as a school-wide program that everyone buys into…like Kelso’s Choices, The Leader in Me, Principles of American Citizenship etc.
      There are too many feelings to review in 20 -30 minutes school counseling lessons. Your counselor would have to abandon her whole program which includes what the school board desires and other required lessons from the state.
      Because there are so many feelings, it would seem better to chunk them over the course of a year for the whole school to practice. 

·     Some of the activities may not be well received for today’s 4th and 5th graders.  Your school counselor may have to revise them to make them “cooler”".

       I would like to think I advocated for the school counselor as well.


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