Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Great Kindness Challenge

A few months ago, I came across this organization. I shared it with my director and we are now mandating it in all of our elementary schools! The challenge occurs January 26 - 30th. It is free to join. If all the schools in your division join, you can receive a special designation. Your students sign a pledge, there is a checklist for your school to follow, they even have t-shirts, etc. that your staff and students can wear during that week! Some of the counselors in my division have planned special morning announcements, special activities during the week and created Kind Clubs where students pick a behavior each month for all students to model, just to name a few. Some schools have even added it to their school's improvement plan!

This is an extraordinary way to teach a character trait!
Great Kindness Challenge



  1. This is something that will prevent bad behaviour and harassment far more than any lecture about those negative issues.
    Give attention to something and it grows.
    No more attention to the negative things (at least minimum, real minimum) and get started and give all attention to the positive things.
    So this plan will have it's positive influence without a doubt!!
    Good Luck and lots of fun for everyone!
    Warm Smile from Then Netherlands!
    I'm going to search for something likewise in Holland :-)
    Ella de Jong
    Solution focused counselor, coach, mentor. Original workshop presenter.

  2. We did this challenge last year and it was a big hit with our middle school students in North Carolina. We were even interrupted by snow and ice days -- we just made up those days with our make-up school days! The students were amazed at how their acts of kindness added up over a week.

    Rena McGee-Helms, Middle School Counselor