Monday, March 2, 2015

Digital Learning Day - March 13th

With all of the technology we have going on in K-12 education, we cannot afford not to 


"Digital learning is any instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen 

student’s learning experience. It emphasizes high-quality instruction and provides access 

to challenging content, feedback through formative assessment, opportunities for learning 

anytime and anywhere, and individualized instruction to ensure all students reach their full 

potential to succeed in college and a career. 

It encompasses many different facets, tools, and  applications to support and empower 

teachers and students, including online courses, blended or hybrid learning, or digital 

content and resources. Additionally, digital learning can be used for professional learning

opportunities for teachers and to provide personalized learning experiences for students.

Digital learning advances school reform by increasing equity and access to educational 

opportunities, improving effectiveness and productivity of teachers and administrators, 

providing student-centered learning to ensure college and career readiness for all students, 

and recognizing teachers as education designers."  - taken from website

Digital Learning Day

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