Monday, March 30, 2015

Resume Tips for Upcoming School Counseling Graduates

A few weeks ago I sent out a communication that I would review 10 resumes free of charge for school counseling graduate students. Ten ended up being 20+. I received resumes from all over the country. It was really pretty neat. Some grad students' resumes were right on the money. Some needed some assistance...and that's ok. The bottom line is that it is all about securing a job! However, I noticed a trend with the school counseling students' resumes I reviewed...

  1. Format - School districts are pretty conservative. Heck! The system of education is actually. Keep resumes traditional and standard. There are plenty of free templates out there that can assist you. No bright or loud colors. No cutesy fonts. Try to keep your resume to one-page. Remember to keep it simple. Stay away from busy designs.
  2. Objectives - Your objective should capture the interviewers attention. It should make me want to interview you...and stay away from writing the obvious (school counseling graduate looking for a job...).
  3.  Explain. Explain. Explain. - Just don't list your internship and practicum experiences. Be sure sure to have a bulleted list of all the activities you participated in. Also make sure you list the schools where you had your experiences. When it comes to listing who your site supervisor was...leave it out of the bullet points and place it where it the references section.
  4. Focusing on the counseling aspect of the job and not the programming. EVERYONE writes individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom/large group guidance lessons in their resume. Then some other activities. However very few state the programming part of the comprehensive school counseling program...which are the activities that make up the program. I can't tell you how many times I asked if certain activities were performed.
  5. Assuming the interviewer should know what you did in your internship - What is that old saying about when you assume? You make an ASS out of U and ME! So stop assuming I know what you did during your placement, because I don't. I know what you should have done. I know what I would like for you to have experienced. All sites are different. All site supervisors are different. All universities are different. All school districts do not function the same way.  So, I cannot possibly know what you accomplished, were exposed to and/or participated in, etc.
Recent grads, you are competing with other recent grads, seasoned counselors who moved to your area, teachers who have a masters in counseling and are waiting for an opening and seasoned counselors who want to change schools or school districts. Your resume must be TIGHT!!!! There is too much competition out there for it to be sub-par; and when a sub-par resume comes across my desk...NEXT!!!

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