Sunday, May 17, 2015

Where to Find School Counseling Jobs

It's that time of the year! The job hunt frenzy! People are looking for school counseling jobs. So, whether you...
  • Are relocating to a different city/state
  • Just graduated from a school counseling program
  • Are a teacher with a SC master's waiting to nab a school counseling position
  • Just want a change from your current school or district 
...the pressure is on and trying to land a school counseling job can be difficult! However, remember some of these reality-based practices first:
  1. School systems must place the displaced teachers/counselors within their own school district per HR regulations first, before they release them to the public. So just because there appears to be a position available, it may not really be available.  
  2. Either June 30 or July 15 is the deadline for internal transfers, which means anyone who already has signed a contract to be a teacher or school counselor at another school within their district or nearby district will not be hired, per HR regulations.
  3. Sometimes it IS about who you know.
  4. Sometimes interns do get hired for the vacancies.
  5. Sometimes a teacher in the building waiting to be a school counselor will get hired for the position that is in their building. 
  6. Some principals will hire someone with teaching background before someone without. It's just their belief.
  7. Sometimes, you may need to relocate.
Nonetheless, here are six sites to help you in your quest for a school counseling position.

Good Luck!

Tracy is a School Counseling Coordinator, National Certified Counselor (NCC), National Certified School Counselor (NCSC), Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS), Distance Certified Counselor (DCC), Educational and Vocational Guidance Practitioner (EVGP). She has a PhD in Counseling and is a blogger at The Extraordinary School Counselor, a place where one can find information and resources for today's school counselor...with an occasional rant thrown in the mix!, and Extraordinary School Counseling, LLC which provides resume reviews for school counseling graduate students and school counseling professionals.

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