Sunday, June 28, 2015

AAPC Publishing Book Review: The Secret Rules of Social Networking

AAPC Publishing reached out to me to review a couple of their books. AAPC provides books and products focusing on the Autism Spectrum and related disorders. I read both on the plane on the way to the ASCA Conference.  I can honestly say, I really liked this book for it truly "teaches" students who fall on the spectrum about social interaction and relationships when using social media. This book outlined the unstated rules at that can occur and could possibly bring about anxiety and other stressors. The book is broken down into chapters that are easy to read and understand. What I really like the most is that the authors addressed romantic relationships over the Internet and on social media. They want adolescents to understand that people may not be who they appear to be on these social networking sites. They also discuss how one could be committing a crime on social media based on...sexting, stalking, slander, etc.

This book is a great read and the authors did a superb job informing and educating today's youth.

AAPC Publishing 


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