Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Youth Light, Inc. Book Review: How To Create a College Day and Other College Readiness Activities

I was so excited when I was sent this book to review! Can you say LOVE?? How many ways can I say LOVE??? I LOVE this book! I was also kinda mad, that I didn't create this! LOL! Since I have been fortunate to work at all school levels, I know the importance of vertical teaming.  This book hits the nail on the head and exposes students in grades 3 - 8 to college information, giving them a SUPER HUGE foundation on which to build for high school college and career readiness.  I LOVE that the book sets the tone for what a college day "looks like". I LOVE how the book is laid out. It is so easy to understand, replicate, implement, etc. I LOVE that the college day speakers are supposed to be everyday people and not admission reps from colleges.  I LOVE that the book comes with a CD to download all the resources. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bulletin board ideas and wish I was back in a school and not in central office, so I could re-create them!

How To Create a College Day


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  1. We're a nonprofit still in start-up phase so apologies for only coming across this now - what a great resource an review! Given the increased needs to be met and the lack of resources faced by most Counselors, have you thought about inviting alumni back to the classroom to help deliver these programs/activities? Future First USA (futurefirstusa.org @futurefirstusa on Twitter).