Saturday, August 22, 2015

Youth Light Book Review: StarBound: A Journey to Leadership Development, Empowerment and Drama Reduction for Girls

I'm going to be completely honest. I have worked at every level and as a school counselor there are two areas I am not particularly found of, nor strong in...that is middle school counseling and small groups. Been there. Done that. Couldn't wait to leave. Give me high and elementary schools, classroom lessons and individual counseling ALL DAY LONG! LOL! HOWEVER...had this book been around...back then...I might have liked both way more than I do now!

This book is so easy to understand. The steps are easy to replicate. The book comes with everything you need start the group...forms, charts, slips, surveys, quotes, activities and lessons to assist your female students in grades 3 - 9 in 'reaching for the stars". Moreover, everything you need is on the CD that is included. You literally do not have to do anything, but follow what is provided. I love it. I think it is great for those group phobic school the brand newbies who have never ran a small the seasoned veterans, who can run groups with their eyes closed. What I like most is that even though Carol Miller has given you all the tools you need, it is set up so that no two groups will ever be the same. Your students should enjoy the activities for they help to create self-awareness and boost meta-cognition. These are great byproducts of empowerment. 

Hats off to Carol. I don't know how she does it. I thought I lived and breathed school counseling, but she's got me beat! This truly is a great resource.



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