Monday, January 4, 2016

YouthLight, Inc. Book Review: "SMART" Guidance (for SMART Boards)


In my last job, I had the opportunity to order school counseling materials for the school counselors as part of the division's comprehensive school counseling program. Upon recommendation from one of the elementary school counselors, I ordered SMART Guidance for all 54 elementary schools because the division was very heavy into technology and the school counselors were expected to know the SMART boards just like the classroom teachers. I cannot tell you how much the counselors LOVED this CD. In fact, they loved it so much, I ordered the second one as well! The lessons and activities were already created. The counselors did not have to go to Promethean Planet to create their own or modify another existing lesson. The CDs also come with reproducibles to better facilitate the lessons. I cannot tell you enough about how much the counselors enjoyed this tool. I have only heard good things!

SMART Guidance


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