Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A YouthLight, Inc. Book Review: A Year of School Counseling - Tools and Techniques for K-12 Themes Throughout the Year

Can I tell you that I love this book?  I have used and recommended this book since 2007, when I became a school counselor district supervisor and then also when I became an adjunct professor in 2014.

This book is great for new school counselors and those tenured school counselors who are trying to learn how to implement a comprehensive school counseling program. This book highlights the different awareness dates/months that can also be found on the ASCA website and gives school counselors ideas on how to highlight and incorporate these dates into your program on a large scale for the school year. The book also lists internet sites that can provide you with more information and resources.

The topics in the book are as follows: Beginnings, Safe Schools, Career Development, Human Rights, Parent/Family Involvement, Career Education and National School Counseling Week, Government Relations, Partnerships and Collaborations, Transitions, Child Advocacy and Personal/Professional Renewal. These are all topics that we can use throughout the year. The best thing is that you don't have to use the awareness theme presented. You can pick another one and use the book as a guide to implement your own ideas.

Again, this is a great resource for graduate students and practicing school counselors, alike. It is also by Barbara Muller-Ackerman and she is a well respected veteran when it comes to school counseling practitioner books.

A Year of School Counseling


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