Monday, July 10, 2017

Small Steps Go Places: A Game for Seniors

About 2 months ago, a couple of the high school counselors attended a regional NACAC conference and went to a session on college readiness. The session spoke to activities surrounding a game called Small Steps Go Places. They came back and asked if I would buy a game for each of the high schools. Upon investigating, I was sold! The game is ideally for 6 -10 students. You will need one set per this amount of students. So if you want to use this for 30 students, you will need three sets. This is a great game with real life scenarios and situations. It can used with seniors in small or large groups.

Also, the creator is more than helpful to work with you to ensure that you understand the game. She is currently working on a version for first generation students and commuter students. If you have any questions, she is just an email away!

The game leads to critical thinking and great and authentic discussion. It also aligns itself with the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors. Every high school needs one!


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