Friday, July 14, 2017

Smart Scholar: Scholarship Website

The website says...There should be an easier way to find and apply for scholarships!! I totally agree!!!

SmartScholar was founded to save student time and money. They company noticed that the scholarship information available on the internet was often incomplete or inaccurate, and they decided to create a better set of resources for students and parents planning for college.

They recruited education experts to write articles and guides on the most important topics within financial aid and scholarships, supported with extensive research.

The SmartScholar team wants to continue to improve the financial aid search process for students. They are in the process of building their own scholarships database and tool via a proprietary research method. They are confident they can build the best scholarship website in the world, one that easily allows students to effectively find and apply for scholarship funds they can readily win. I hope so!!!

I looked over the site. Clicked on some links. It looks pretty decent. You try!


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