Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Free Spirit Book Review: Tessie Tames Her Tongue: A Book About Learning When to Talk and When to Listen

This is the cutest book EVAH!

In this story Tessie loves to talk and she talks...all...the...time. She talks during movies. She talks during meals with her mouth full of food. She talks so much...she does not realize she is not listening to others. So with the help of her school counselor, they come up with a plan on how Tessie can...tame her tongue (funniest graphic to date, because it is so relatable).

This is a wonderful story for elementary students on how to learn the skill of active listening. Author and clinical child therapist, Melissa Martin, shares her personal strategies through the lens of a child. The story is funny. The graphics are priceless (especially the classmates' facial expressions). The book is easy to read and understand. Also, there are two pages at end of the book with tips to help families tame the tongue!

You can find this book on the Free Spirit Publishing website.    


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